Our premium, raw, non-pasteurized almonds are the freshest, healthiest choice for enjoying this delicious nut. Almonds are one of the world’s most nutritious nuts. They have tremendous nutritional value, and health benefits and are an amazing source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, iron, calcium, zinc, antioxidants, and unsaturated fat (the good fat). Studies have shown them to reduce bad cholesterol, and are listed among foods healthy for the heart. Because of their freshness and flavor, they are a satisfying snack and their high content of protein makes them a healthy choice for sustained energy. They are delicious in culinary dishes, trail mixes, or like we enjoy them....a perfect snack just as they are. Our smaller (Lot 2) are great for sprinkling on desserts, mixing into a trail mix or granola, and blending your own almond flour or almond butter!


These airtight non-transparent bags help protect our nuts from air and light which helps maintain its unique freshness!

KNOW YOUR FOOD…Bohn farms believes in the importance of knowing where your food comes from. On each of our bags is a label indicating the details of the specific almonds that are in your bag. You can see not only what variety of nut you’re enjoying, but which year’s harvest, and what particular orchard your nut has come from. Click on Orchard tabs to view the farming process in that specific orchard that brings this very nut to your hand.


California, specifically the Central Valley, has the rare perfect soil and weather conditions for growing a premium almond. Other states, and even countries, have attempted to duplicate this crop, but none have compared to the quality produced right here in the Central Valley of California. Truly raw, non-pasteurized almonds are difficult to find in the United States. Don’t be fooled; many California almonds are marketed with the word “raw”, but have been pasteurized (either by steam or chemical), which reduces their nutritional value. Because legislation prohibits their public sale, non-pasteurized almonds are only available imported from a far-away land (which limits freshness), or directly from farmer to consumer...land-to-hand. Bohn Farms almonds is the freshest, healthiest choice for enjoying this premium nut.


Justin and Angie Bohn love living the farm life and raising their three children on a beautiful California almond ranch. Justin has had the joy of living in the farming community all of his life; a 3rd-generation farmer. He now proudly passes that heritage on to his children. Justin has been involved in agriculture related businesses for 20+ years, but farming almonds is the family favorite. Angie coordinates a home-school co-op for our children, so that we can maximize our life on the farm. As a family, farming has always been a love.......and a cherished way of life. We have a wonderful team around us and are constantly counting our blessings. Farming is what we do, its what we love, and who we are; we are proud to be a part of this life-style and grow premium nuts. We believe everybody should get an opportunity to taste what an almond tastes like straight from the tree without being processed. We look forward to a lifetime working in California’s Agriculture, and want to share its bounty with those who enjoy the taste of maximum freshness, with maximum nutrition, in our raw non-pasteurized almonds.